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Corporate structuring

Legal and tax consulting of NORDMILCH eG with regard to the spinoff of the entire business to NORDMILCH AG, structuring of the respective milk supply contracts and preparation of the decisions of the shareholder’s general meeting;

Legal and tax consulting of NORDMILCH eG with regard to the acquisition of an interest in OCM Ice Cream S.a.r.l.;

Stock corporation and capital market law advice to WIGE Media AG concerning the simplified capital decrease and ordinary capital increase;

Transfer of a Belgian European company's (SE) registered office to the Federal Republic of Germany;

Conversion of the technology unit of a German car manufacturer and of the production unit of a German food manufacturer into the legal form of a partnership limited by shares (KGaA);

Legal and tax structuring of the corporate merger of manufacturing companies originating from legally independent company groups into one uniform legal business;

Establishment and structuring of a group-internal leasing company in Austria for a steel-producing German company group;

Structuring and creating of acquisition currencies for high volume buying publicly listed stock companies, such as convertible bonds and convertible profit participation certificates;

Design of international profit-sharing structures for the purpose of net revenue pooling abroad;

Hybrid acquisition financing, endowed with commercial law equity nature and tax law dept nature at the same time, for the acquisition of various companies in the course of insolvency proceedings;

Design of tax efficient employee program to avoid the tax-relevant pecuniary advantages inherent in the concept of stock option programs, convertible bonds and phantom-stocks.